Dear Bloggers - Present and Future

So this week I learned you can't post pictures of Gaga and her wardrobe malfunction or you will get reported.  Thank you to whoever reported me...but seriously...get a life.  I'm assuming it's someone who accidentally stumbled upon my blog googling pictures of "Colin Egglesfield" -  I know this because there's a little setting I can look at to see how people arrive at my website.  And aside from me posting a link on my fb page, that's how I get a majority of my other hits.  But seriously...come on...those pictures are plastered all over the flipping internet.  All you have to put in to google is "Gaga" and her nips pop up.  No one under the age of 18 should be reading my blog anyway.

The entire nation is talking about the Weiner scandal for obvious reasons yet I get slammed for talking about Gaga and her barely there attire (note to self - don't marry anyone with the last name of Weiner and go in to politics or urology - you're just asking for it).  So dumb.  Anyway - if you're thinking about being a blogger - don't post readily available almost nude pics or you will get flagged.  So, I'm sorry to my readers if you've had to click on the button that you "accept my blog may or may not be offensive" each time you come to my page.  Believe me, it's just as annoying to me as it is to you. Double woof.

Oh...and another thing you shouldn't blog about - weight.  It pisses the skinny people off when you call them skinny.  It pisses the chunky people off when you say they need to lose weight.  So I advise you not to do it - although there's an 85% chance I'll probably do it again at some point.  I have also learned it's okay if you do it about yourself.  But, you won't find me blogging or reading about skinny girls bitching about how life sucks being skinny.  I'll stick a burger in their face and tell them to shove it.  For the record, I'm not one of "those" girls - I'm just average plain Jane with a little junk in the trunk, but apparently need an inch or two more...according to my trainer.  He's smoking something funky.  I guess I should probably listen considering he's the one on magazine covers...not me.

Ok, that's enough.  My apartment is 88 degrees and I must get out before I melt like a butterball turkey....I bet you just read this and thought to yourself - that blog had no point.  I know I just did.  That's just how my mind is working today....900 miles an hour.

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

-Stay Sassy, xo

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  1. When I came here I had to click on something saying I understood that this blog might contain objectionable content. WTF? I'm just trying to get my fill of Colin Egglesfield! JK. If anyone's blog is objectionable, it's mine. Don't stand for this b.s. Fight the power!


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