My pups is cuter than your pups.

*photo removed because the link is missing*
SMILE!  She couldn't be happier to look so fashionably cute in the new summer dress her Mimi got her.  I, hands down, have the most fabulous dog in the world.  Seriously.  Two seconds with her and you will fall quickly in love with her, too.  She has the best personality, is so smart, is the best snuggler in the world and gives so many lovins.  She can dance, say "please," roll over and give high fives, to name a few.  I'm blessed to have the best companion in the entire universe.  That's right.  I said it.  Think your dog is cuter?  Doubt it.

-Stay Sassy, xo


Hey you.

It's Memorial Day weekend - thinking back to holidays past and remembering great times with friends and others.  It seems like seriously just yesterday we were partying at 45 Madison, taking over the pool and being sillies.  I'm loving being back in KC.  I feel like I haven't ever been gone and I'm actually pretty bummed I only have a week and a half left.  Not much compares to being surrounded by my fabulous friends and my "psuedo"-roomies, drinking wine on the porch and listening to Colbie Caillat, loving life.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday where ever you are and how ever you may be celebrating or enjoying yourself.  And of course, thank you to those of you who have risked your lives for our country and freedom.

This song reminded me of....ish.

-Stay Sassy, xo



One word. D-I-S-G-U-S-T.  Everyone with a brain knows how seriously fucked up followers of Westboro Baptist Church are.  Fred Phelps and his cult are every bad name in the dictionary.  When I heard WBC was planning to protest in Joplin when President Obama visits the area, I was disgusted - as I am sure many of you were as well who have heard.  Then I saw their press release...WOW.
I honestly don't even want to include the link - don't visit it.
People like WBC should not be allowed to procreate.  Their stupidity and ignorance is unacceptable.  How the hell do you protest a natural diaster?  Who the H-E-double-hockey sticks are these crazies?  Can't the government mysteriously make them disappear?  I promise you there will be ten times more Americans and true Christians ready to picket against them in Joplin.  How could you ever say something so horrible?  "Thank God for 125 Dead in Joplin" - seriously?  SRSLY?!  WHAT THE FLIPPIN' F*CK?!  I would love to vomit all over their faces and poop on their heads (if girls did that - they clearly do not).  See a few anti-WBC pics below I stumbled across.  And continue to pray for Joplin, MO. 


-Stay Sassy, xo


Pray for Joplin, MO

Feeling so absolutely blessed as I snuggle with my little one and she licks the tears from my face. My heart aches for Joplin. Those whose lives were lost, those who are still missing, the furry companions missing from their owners and those found and waiting to be claimed. My stomach is in knots over and over again as I see facebook pages for missing persons.  Pages honoring those lost.  And even more frightening, facebook statuses reporting people are once again taking cover in Joplin as the tornado sirens yet again are going off.
Whatever your religion, whomever is your God.  Pray.

Adolescent minds

I love medicine.  That's been well established.  In medicine, as we go through school - especially clinical rotations, we all try to find our niche.  I think it's safe to say I haven't narrowed my interests down.  At this point I've completed four rotations.  But even before starting rotations, before going to PA school, back as far as I can remember, I've loved kids.  They're awesome.  Yes I say that knowing I do not have any children and I only have to deal with them for 20 minutes at the most at an appointment or for a few hours while babysitting.  I have an escape.  Adolescents are great.  They're so young and innocent and the world seems so simple to them.  Life is almost black and white, maybe with a few shades of gray, but not many.  This was confirmed yet again today.

The first story I've already shared via FB as my status.  I got to the office this morning and Dr. Metz had done a quick tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (T&A) on an eight year old boy we saw in the office last week.  He asked Dr. Metz this morning where his hottie PA from St. Louis was.  I mean seriously kid?  You're eight years old and you're already hitting on women almost 3 times your age?!  I couldn't help but laugh and think to myself...
oh dear, that mom is going to have it out with that horn ball!

Once again, later this afternoon the simplicity of life to a seven year old boy was confirmed.  This particular boy was also being seen for throat issues, snoring and recurrent strep throat.  We found out he had a few tonsillar stones in the past that had been dislodged.  While many of you probably have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, a tonsillar stone is a calcium deposit in your tonsils.  They frequently increase in size and sometimes pop out.  They smell absolutely HORRIBLE and can be a major cause of halitosis (bad breath).  So, making conversation with the boy I said, "You don't have to worry about that do you?  You aren't kissing girls are you?!"  He looked at me in disgust and shook his head no!  But then, he did make a point to add, "There was a girl that liked me...but I dumped her!  She was the tallest girl in the class!"  Again, I couldn't help but laugh.  If only relationships were as easy as being too tall.

Continuing on with the visit, we got in to the sequelae of untreated strep throat - rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease, kidney injury and kidney disease.  While these side effects of untreated strep are rare in the US due to our aggressiveness of treating strep throat, there is still a risk.  Dr. Metz mentioned the rare possibility of kidney disease and without thinking the little boy shouted out, "I don't want kidney disease!  I want to have kids some day!"  He has a lot to learn about sex ed.  But for now, we'll let that seven year old mind believe whatever it wants to believe.

-Stay Sassy, xo


In love with love, but not that in love

"She’s not the type of girl to wait by the phone, she won’t cry, she knows it’ll get her nowhere, she’ll laugh a lot and often, and she will live her own life. She would like you to be a part of it, but she will do just fine without you." [via little reminders of love]

"In life, we do things. Some, we wish we had never done and some we wish we could replay a million times. They make us who we are and, in the end, they shape and detail us. If we were to reserve them, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. So, just live. Make mistakes and have wonderful memories. But, never second guess who you are, where you’ve been and, most importantly, where you’re going." -unknown


"The last thing he said to me was, 'By the way, you look beautiful tonight.'  I don't even remember the last time a guy called me beautiful and not hot.  To be called beautiful is so much more." -me

-Stay Sassy, xo


No time to be sassy

This is no time to be sassy...only share my thoughts, love and prayers for all of those affected by the tornado that ripped through Joplin, MO earlier this afternoon.  To some, it may just be another sad story of a natural disaster.  But to me and my community it is more.  I grew up in Pittsburg, KS which is only a quick 30 minute drive to Joplin.  Growing up in Pitt, Joplin was the next largest city we frequently traveled to for shopping as well as birthday dinners and homecoming dates.  Now, I sit in shock watching the national coverage on The Weather Channel and the local coverage on the Kansas City News.  At least 33% of the city is demolished.  So far 24 fatalities have been confirmed.  And I'm sure that's only the beginning.  My stomach is in knots.  I can't even fathom what the city will look like the next time I venture to Joplin.  Will I even recognize the city I grew up frequenting?

Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you affected in any way, shape or form.  To those of you who have rushed over to Joplin to help any way you can, you will also be in my thoughts and prayers.  You are among some of the most compassionate human beings.  I wish I could be there to help.  Not gonna lie, I didn't believe in all of the end of the world bull shit hype, but I can't help but be a little freaked out by the timing of all of this.  My heart goes out to you all.  


Derrr....what the?!

Woof.  So many things have led me to scratch my head over the past few weeks and say....um...what the ____ (fill in the blank).  I'm sure some of them you've stumbled upon...but I'm sharing anyway because it's my blog and I can do what I want to.  Here are just a few...

1. Have you ever noticed when you go to the hair dresser and you tell them you want to do something totally different they look at you and say, "well what are you thinking?"  Sir or Ma'am...this is why I come to you.  You went to school for this shit, aren't you supposed to know what's in and what will or will not look good on me?  You don't go to the doctor (or your lovely PA) and tell them what your diagnosis is and what medicine to prescribe.  That's my job.  And it's your job to tell me what you think will look fabulous on me.  On a side note, I love my hair dresser.  This is just a random thought that I had recently from hair stylists in the past.

2.  While we're on the topic of beauty....an eight year old getting Botox for wrinkles?!  Seriously?!  SRSLY?!  WTF is this psychotic mother thinking?!  Child, please.  There is no way you have flipping wrinkles at eight years old.  I would put money on it that this child is going to end up anorexic and on drugs.  My biggest fear at eight years old was whether or not the boy who sat next to me in class picking his nose gave me cooties or not, not whether or not I had a wrinkle or two.  I'm the one who needs a little Botox.  Give me a break and go play in the sand box or something.  

3.  So I've done a crap load of driving over the past few months.  STL to Danville to STL to KC to Pitt to KC to Manhattan to KC.  You get the point.  Did everyone forget how to drive?  LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY.  Apparently the 9,000 drivers I've encountered over the past few months can't read that street sign.  It makes me so angry when I'm cruising down the highway and I have to flippin' put on my breaks thus canceling my cruise control  because some retard driver pulls in to the lane in front of me and takes their jolly ass time.  SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT.  Please keep this in mind next time you're driving down the highway or I'm probably going to rear end your turtle bumper.

4.  Strong is the new skinny?  Ok, that's legit...I guess.  But is it just me or is this chick on the skinny side as well?  If strong is the new skinny, shouldn't the advertisement be of a woman who is maybe a little more "big boned" to make the chubbies feel better that they can bench 125 lbs?  Don't get me wrong, her body is hot.  But I'm just a little confused.  Just sayin'....

5. We've all made the mistake once or twice of showing our bra straps.  Before the multifunctional straps that can be attached and reattached 5,000 different ways, it was sometimes difficult to cover your bra straps when wearing a racer back tee or a spaghetti string shirt. And well, strapless bras straight up SUCK and I'm positive they were invented by some man who has never worn a bra in his life.  There's really no excuse these days.  So, just an FYI...I really don't want to see your PINK Vicky's bra straps even if they match your stupid dress with PINK plastered on the ass that I'm pretty sure was intended to be a nighty worn in the privacy of your own home.  It reminds me of the fad when it was "cool"(and I use that term VERY lightly) to show your g-string out of your jeans.  I hope this chick enjoyed her movie.

6.  Holy dirty dot (aka Wyandotte county).  Is this car for real?!  Stab me in the eye.  Aren't we over the vampire fad yet?!  Dear Hey-Sus.  This is just embarrassing.  Even funnier...after I snapped this pic at a stop light and passed this car shaking my head and giggling, I realized the driver...was a dude...probably Twilight Mom's 3rd baby daddy.  So you're obsessed with the Twilight Saga...that's fine...I get obsessions.  But to plaster it on your car?!  Even my most obsessed friend, Ren wouldn't be caught dead with this shit on her car.  Somethings are meant to be kept to yourself.  I guess when your child doesn't bring home honor roll bumper stickers or decals, you gotta fill the windows with something...

Phew...I feel so much better now that I've gotten all of that off my chest.

-Stay Sassy, xo


True Life: I'm Obsessed with Colin Egglesfield

Holy hell in a hand basket. Ladies, if you haven't gone out to see Something Borrowed, I suggest you do so...like NOW. Quit reading this and go. Okay, finish reading first. But seriously. I went and saw the movie last night and within the first minute of the movie I was already having very, very naughty thoughts about Dex (played by Colin Egglesfield). Seriously, where the FUDGE has this man been and why hasn't he been on my radar until now...SRSLY? Talk about mind blowing, little girl tingling GORGEOUS.

I don't want to ruin the story for those of you who haven't seen it, but let's just say if I was Rachel, Darcy never would have stood a chance with Dex.  I would have boom and done, attacked and made him mine in the stacks of the law school library the day he sat next to me in class. No questions asked. 

I attempted a little google search to find out the percentage of women who fantasize about other men while doing that one thing and I couldn't find anything.  There were tons of hits regarding men fantasizing about other women (oh weird), but none the other way around.  Whatever.  If you need some new eye candy, I suggest Colin Egglesfield.  He's sure to get you going in 2.5 seconds.  Just look in to those eyes....aghhhh...

Annnnd, on that note...I have business to take care of.  Roberto is waiting on me.  Check out the video below with the feature song from the movie entitled "Little Too Much" by Natasha Bedingfield.  AND GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!

-Stay Sassy, xo


This has gotta be the good life...

My weekend was full of pure happiness. Friday night I spent the evening with my kiddos Otto, Greta, Liesl and Gunnar. Not many things make me happier than to see their faces and their smiles. Saturday morning I had the pleasure of making the drive home to participate in the Get Busy Livin' | Dylan Meier Foundation | 5K run...which I unexpectedly placed 3rd in my age group among women and set a new personal record for myself. I then returned to KC to spend a fabulous afternoon in the sun, wearing my derby hat and hanging out with two great friends, Susannah and Dan. We then ventured to our good friend Raph's house whose brother was celebrating his graduation from UMKC School of Law. Such an amazing family. After that I ventured yet again to Bside surrounding myself by my favorites. Sunday was spent enjoying the weather with Miss Marie and reflecting on how truly blessed I am to have such a wonderful mother. How do you define happiness?

Happiness is my life. 
Happiness is a warm spring day with the sun shining down on my back.
Happiness is taking my little one on a walk and smelling fresh cut grass.
Happiness is waking up at 6:30 to start getting ready for the day, calling my doctor and him telling me I don't need to come in until 10:00.
Happiness is lying in bed for an extra hour and cuddling with my snuggle bunny, Marley.
Happiness is lying in bed listening to Pandora and discovering amazing new artists.
Happiness is being surrounded by friends and family.
Happiness is being back home surrounded by a wondrous community to remember DQM.
Happiness is seeing his family smile knowing he would be so proud.
Happiness is unexpectedly winning an award.
Happiness is being welcomed in to someone else's family and being treated as one of their own.
Happiness is seeing a mother so proud of her child.
Happiness is being back in KC.
Happiness is a wearing big derby hat.
Happiness is sitting on the deck in the sun sipping on Sangria and catching up with old friends.
Happiness is hearing the birds chirp outside my window.
Happiness is a run outside.
Happiness is seeing my kiddos and being greeted with a big hug and a kiss.
Happiness is making them laugh.
Happiness is reading them a book before bed.
Happiness is the smell of fresh, clean sheets.
Happiness is owning and loving my singleness and independence.
Happiness is looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful.
Happiness is being thankful for what God has given me.
Happiness is me being me.
This has gotta be THE GOOD LIFE.

-Stay Sassy, xo


Happy Mother's Day!

A dog is not merely a pet, a dog is family.

Well since it is Mother's Day, I guess it's only appropriate I make a special post to all you mothers out there.  No, I have no idea what it's like to have an infant stuck to my tit every 2-3 hours.  No, I don't know what it's like to carry a child for 36-40 weeks, feel like you have to pee every two seconds, have raw nipples or have hemorrhoids.  And no, I don't know what it's like to squeeze a watermelon out of a hole with a diameter of a large grape or small orange (depending on your "experience").  But I have witnessed first hand the most amazing miracle of life.  The first time I saw a baby born, I was literally in the back of the room crying tears of joy and "bearing down" so hard with every contraction like my efforts could help the soon to be mommy giving birth.

My little one and me the day I adopted her
July 2006

Little one....so tiny then!
I get it that there's nothing like a mother's love and blah blah blah I'll never know until I have a child of my own.  But let me tell you, I never in my life thought I could love another creature as much as I love my little one, Miss Marley Marie.  She is the sugar to my strawberries and the caramel to my Twix.  I may not have birthed her, but she is like my child.  I take her out every few hours, make sure she poops and pees, make sure she has food and water and baths every few weeks.  We go for walks, we play fetch, we snuggle and we take pictures.  She's the most amazing little fur ball I've ever encountered. Yes, I'm slightly biased.  

Miss Marie LOVES her Jayhawk Dress!
The day I went to get Marley was interesting.  I'd been looking in to getting another dog and had been checking the papers weekly.  I was constantly going back and forth between a puggle and some other breed with a poo in it...I can't remember if it was a Shia-poo or a Malti-poo...whatever, you get the idea.  So I see this ad in the Topeka Journal and within minutes I was on the phone with the potential breeder.  Within an hour I had persuaded my then boyfriend to come with me to pick out "our" little one.  I convinced him the kennel was only an hour or so away.  Yep, that turned in to like two hours away somewhere north of Topeka in some small, po-dunk town.  He was so pissed at me because I was soooo excited and I wouldn't stop to get gas.  The gas gauge was pushing beyond E.  

Boots wit da fur!
Once we arrived, the woman who owned the kennel went back in to her barn (she wouldn't let us go - I realize now, probably was a red flag in the dog buying world) and came back literally with a laundry basket of puppies.  Shia-poos, Malti-poos, Long Haired Chihuahuas and two Pomeranians.  I remembered from picking out my first puppy the best way to pick out a little one is to see which one will come to you.  She let all the dogs out and as I looked over the Poo breeds I decided they all had way too much Poo in them and were way too nappy and curly (sorry, not a Poodle fan).  Then my attention turned to this tiny, sable colored Pomeranian running and jumping around attacking all the other dogs trying to play.  Right then, I knew she was mine.  I handed over my $100 for my pup with the bum knee (she had a 3rd grade patella which more or less doesn't make her "perfect" according to the AKA or breedable...like I care) and we were on our way to becoming mommy and puppy.

So vain!
Life has never been the same since.  There's nothing better in my life than coming home to someone soooo excited to see you, even if it's partly due to the fact that she's about to piss herself and wants to go outside.  She gives kisses and licks my tears away when I'm sad.  She cuddles when we sleep and is the most lovable little girl EVER!  Not much compares to the bond and companionship between a dog and his/her master.  

Sleeeeepy beeeebeeees
Anyway, I realize Mother's Day means a lot more...or maybe just something different to those of you reading with new babies, toddlers, teens or grown children.  For that, Happy Mother's Day to you.  I can't even imagine those feelings, but I know one day I will and I know I'm going to be an AWESOME mother.  Not only because I've already been practicing for five years on my little one, but because I was raised by one of the most amazing, compassionate, hard working women I've EVER met.  My mom would do anything in the world for me...and I literally mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  She has set the best example for me and I can only hope to be half the mom she has been to me. 

Mama Plouv with her new little princess
Now her little princess is all grown up!
DQM Get Busy Livin' 5K
May 7, 2011
Even after years of tears, "I hate you", "You're the meanest mom in the world" and "I'll never be like you," here I am, striving to be just like you. 
 I love you, mom.

-Stay Sassy, xo

P.S. I suggest you all read one of my fellow friend's blogs today that he wrote about his mother.  It's very touching and I had tears in my eyes.  He's absolutely HILARIOUS, so check out his other writings too.  And, I inspired the name of his blog.  Check out Awkward with a Side of Ranch.


Survivor. LiveStrong. VOTE NOW.

Every once in awhile someone makes their way in to your life for no apparent reason.  Slowly over time you learn more and more about that person and realize what a true inspiration he or she is.  That's Brooke.  I don't even remember how exactly we met - my assumption is through her older brother Brett - which for the record, I don't even remember how we met.  I do remember living in the same dorm as her freshman year in Oliver at KU, but the most I probably did was smile at her in passing.  I always thought she was so beautiful though and seemed so full of zest.  Just take a quick peak at this picture and I'm sure you can agree that yes, she is gorgeous.  Not only is she beautiful physically, but she is also just as beautiful if not more spiritually.  I don't even know her that well (we're working on that), but there are certain people who you come across in your life and you just know.  She's one of them.

"...the scar on my stomach
reminds me every day to protect my skin"
-Brooke Budke
Little did I know, Brooke has quite a history.  Six years ago she was diagnosed with Melanoma - a deadly form of skin cancer.  I can't even imagine being the young age of 21 and being diagnosed with CANCER.  According to Brooke, the cancer spread through all 4 layers of her skin in her abdomen.  They were able to excise the tumor before it spread any further in to her abdomen and lymph nodes.  Thank God.  After being cancer free for six years, she still diligently checks her skin for any changes and sees her dermatologist annually.

So what's all this mean?  Well, Brooke has entered a contest to be styled by Athleta, a clothing site for women a wide variety of athletic clothing for fitness, yoga, running and even swimwear.  AND WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE SURE SHE WINS!  Had I known sooner, I would have posted this MUCH sooner, but TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE.  I'm asking you, my AWESOME blog readers to please, please, please take a moment to vote here.

Being on track to becoming a physician assistant, I must throw in a little health education, especially with summer coming up.  Melanomas typically develop from pigmented skin lesions already present on your body, such as from moles or nevi as we like to call them in the medical world.  Common sites are on the face, arms and other sun exposed areas.  Think you have any suspicious skin lesions?  Use the ABCDs to help determine and call your doctor to be seen.


Assymetry: Does one side look different from the other?
Borders: Are the borders of the skin lesion irregular, notched or blurred?
Color: Are the colors uneven and different with various shades of brown, black or tan?
Diameter: Is the skin lesion larger than 6mm (think of a pencil eraser)?
Evolving: Is the skin lesion growing faster than other skin lesions you have?

If you answered yes to any of these, get it checked out!!  Don't waste any time!  For more information and some pictures of various types of melanoma to look and compare to, check out this PubMed Health website.

I challenge everyone to drop your draws, get, get, get naked and check your body out from head to toe today in honor of Brooke.  Oh and of course....

-Stay Sassy, xo


I'm Baaacckkkk

Another six weeks is over which also means my DanVegas sightings and Royal Donut days are over.  I am back in Kansas City for 6 weeks and couldn't be more excited.  My life is pure HAPPINESS right now!

Photo courtesy of
To The Brooksider:  Thank you for the wonderful welcome back last night and for over serving me.  You never cease to amaze my liver with your endless amounts of Vodka Redbulls and tequila shots.  I will admit, you got me good last night - HUGE shout out and massive THANK YOU to Erica for being kind enough to lend me a hair tie and pat my back while dry heaving....sorry TMI.  But, on a slightly more positive note... I have great news to report.  I didn't get kicked out!!  As many of you may or may not know, I've ran my mouth once or twice.  I'm really good at getting accused of doing crazy things like throwing drinks (WAS NOT ME) and ice (yea, that was me - but we were playing catch).  I look forward to many more dance offs in the Boom Boom Room dancing around like a high schooler on the verge of losing her virginity.

Welcome back toast!
Jay, Me and Abra
To My Friends: I couldn't be happier to be back in KC for the next 6 weeks and am so excited to see everyone more frequently!  Dallas is going to have some big shoes to fill this summer to get me to leave you all and move there.  You all are what makes me love Kansas City so much.  I love my friends and I love, love, love being constantly surrounded by Jayhawks.  I'm still getting used to not freaking out when I see Jayhawk anything on other cars.  I love the feeling of being home, knowing where I'm going and seeing familiar faces no matter what hot spot I decide to frequent (which btw, I need to try all the new restaurants while I'm here, so let's get started).  So here's to many more evenings of fun and laughter together.  Cheers!

-Stay Sassy, xo

P.S. Usama bin Laden is dead.  Hopefully Donald Trump will accept that spelling.  
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