Hey Fatty, Take the STAIRS!

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss I take the elevator one floor:

We all know, in general, Americans are FAT...and I clearly do not mean PHAT.  It's quite disgusting and disturbing to me, not only as a healthcare professional, but also because I have my own issues with food.  Nothing disturbs me more than seeing an overweight person sitting at a stop light shoving a Big Mac down their throat.  I literally almost vomit at the site.  Just sayin'.

In 2009, numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that more than 34 percent of Americans are OBESE while 32.7 percent are considered overweight.  I'm going to go ahead and assume you know the difference between overweight, obese and morbidly obese and where those classifications come from - if not, google it.  Anyway - to me it is sad and disturbing more people in American are OBESE than OVERWEIGHT...not to mention 34 + 32.7 = 66.7 ---> 2/3 of our population is FAT.  Goo.

Enough with the statistics lesson.  I think you get the jist of my public health message (after all I do have a MPH).  THIS IS NOT OKAY!  Not many things piss me off too terribly much.  I might get annoyed slightly by various things, but boy do I get heated when I step on an elevator to go up five or more floors and the next person gets on to go up one floor.  It boils my blood so much I can hardly discuss it!  I mean seriously...SRSLY???  Walk your ass up 10 or maybe 20 steps and get that heart rate up.  I don't give a pooey if it takes you ten minutes the first time you attempt it...the more you take the stairs, the easier it will get.  And you just might see some results in your mid-section, too.  Plus, the added benefit - you won't piss the rest of us off and the minute you get off the elevator we won't feel the need to talk about how annoying you are.

Also, don't use that dumb excuse "but it hurts my knees."  You know why your knees hurt?  Not because of the flippin' steps, because of the extra 50-100 pounds your body frame is carrying.  So quit your bitching, take the stairs and pop a NSAID or two until you lose a few pounds and relieve some of the stress off your knees. 

Thank you.

-Stay Sassy, xo


  1. Amen, Mel! I always make it a point to take the stairs...bc I figure I could use the extra few steps anywhere I can get em'. The only time I'm on the main floor is at lunchtime, and I have caught the burger/fries ppl waiting for an elevator when I come down the stairs....still stuck there waiting when I come back 5 mins later with my salad. C'mon people!

  2. I want to be as kind as possible in saying this, because I don't want you to take it the wrong way... but this post is truly offensive. You shouldn't judge people by how much they weigh. I'm overweight even though I work my rear end off in the gym and I try hard to watch what I eat, but I still feel like I have the right to enjoy a cheeseburger on occasion. And if my eating it on a park bench makes you want to vomit... well then so be it. I think maybe if you had ever had a body that was anything less than perfect you might not have been so offensive and crass. A compassionate angle might have been a better approach, especially coming from a healthcare professional.

  3. How am I judging? I'm simply suggesting to take the stairs a little more frequently just as you suggest yoga, working out, etc. Never said anything about not enjoying a personal indulgence...so enjoy your cheeseburger or whatever you prefer on occasion. Sorry I don't sugar coat or lie about the truths of being overweight or obese. The stats prove it and I chose to take an honest approach to medicine.

  4. This makes me upset as well. I love reading your blogs and appreciate your opinion. However, I know I am overweight, and I try to eat healthier, be active, whatever it takes, but the weight goes nowhere. There are certain factors that you are not considering when you talk about the 'stats'. Syndromes, genes, metabolism rate, etc are also factors to how easy (or difficult) it is for people to lose weight. If you have EVER struggled with it, you know how hard it is. Much harder than taking the steps twice a day and the weight falling off in a week. Being overweight is an everyday struggle and I'm sorry to tell you, but the person you are being annoyed with and calling disgusting has probably looked in the mirror that day and said the same thing to themselves with tears in their eyes. Think about these things the next time you want to give your opinion on a very touchy subject...

  5. As a professional in health and fitness myself, I find this to resemble that of a 12-year-old "mean girl" who likes to pick on others' weaknesses.
    Instead of knocking people down, as a "healthcare professional," you should be trying to bring people up. This approach is extremely hateful and unprofessional.
    When people come to me, overweight, I do everything I can to educate and inform. You see, I used to weigh a mere 122 pounds, but I was 18% body fat. (In case you didn't know, that's slightly underweight for a 5'6" frame.) I was starving myself fat. Now, I'm a healthy 135 lbs with 10% body fat. However, my mother is obese. You would never hear me say hurtful things about obese people, because I would probably beat the hell out of someone who made those comments about my mom. Because she's overweight, it doesn't mean she's a horrible person. She's been on mine, my brother's and my dad's schedule for the last 30 years. She doesn't have time to cook. My dad does all the cooking. She doesn't have time to work out because she works her ass off at her job and it's extremely exhausting. She does however, love me unconditionally and is the most beautiful person I know.
    The same goes for bitchy people. You never know why that person is a bitch. Maybe they've had a bad day. Maybe someone else made them feel inadequate. It's not fair to assume. If I can turn a person's day around and help someone's attitude improve, I feel good. It feels good to help people. I hope you didn't feel good about writing this, because this didn't help anyone. Maybe that wasn't your goal....

  6. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their opinions and respond to this post. Those who truly know me and those I actually care about know that I am not a 12 year old mean girl or a bitch and I'm actually a VERY compassionate person. I blog for entertanment purposes only. Isn't freedom of speech a wonderful thing?


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