Finally!  Obama's birth certificate has been released.  Can we all just shut the f*ck up now?! Dear Jesus, this was the most unnecessary drawn out fiasco EVERRRRR!  I don't claim to be a political buff.  And to be quite honest, the only time I've ever voted was for the last presidency (go ahead, scold me).  But seriously?  This was just dumb.  Do people really believe our country would let someone be president who wasn't American??  SRSLY?  Then again, if George Bush can be president...errrr

Courtesy of this UK website

I can't wait to see how many websites and other sources debate the authenticity.  Mr. Trump, please stick to comb overs, hotels, The Apprentice and your Slovenian wife, Melania.   Which by the way reminds me of melena, a medical term - read the definition here if you're curious as to what it means (you know you want to).  Mr. Trump's claims are about as cool as melena and the colonoscopy that follows.

-Stay Sassy, xo


ASA: Only the good die young

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life...
-Green Day
Today marks another anniversary. But the significance of this day is a little bit different than some of the anniversaries I’ve blogged about. Eleven years ago today marks the start of a trend I wish would have never begun. Eleven years ago today I was 16 years old enjoying life being a typical boy-crazed teenager. I don’t think I’ll ever forget April 13, 2000. 

My best friends at the time (Tara, Ashley C. and Ashley R.) were over at my house making our own personalized Sophomore Tanks to wear the next day at school because we were having class competitions.  We were super excited for the events, specifically because we were going up against the senior girls who weren’t exactly fond of us (and for the record – we beat them in tug-of-war, yes I remember). 

Then came the phone call that changed everything. I answered the phone and it was another classmate calling me whose father had a scanner. The convo went something like, “Melissa, have you heard about Abby?” I responded no and she said, “I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think she’s been in an accident and didn’t make it.” I didn’t believe the words she had just said. I hung up the phone and raced to my dad and told him the rumor. At about that same time, my sister-in-law at the time, Teresa came by the house. She busted through the front door and confirmed the most tragic news to my 16-year-old self. I dropped to the ground and began sobbing. 

Abby, my dad/her grandpa, Me 
Up until April 13, 2000 I had never dealt with death. Sure three of my grandparents had passed away but that was years ago and before I understood the concept of losing a loved one. On April 13, 2000 not only did I lose a family member, but I also lost two more friends in the blink of an eye. On April 13, 2000 life and my concept of life, living, death and dying would be changed forever. On April 13, 2000 we lost Abby Brunetti, Salem Hayden and Ashley Harry. 

Growing up in a “smaller” town and living in Frontenac (while I went to Pittsburg schools) I was frequently around the Frontenac girls. My best friend and neighbor, Sarah went to Frontenac and we frequently played together when we were younger. Because of this, I was invited to her parties and knew several of the Frontenac girls my age. Also, my niece Abby was the same grade as me (don’t even ask me to explain that one) and I spent a lot of time with her, including the same Frontenac girls. Additionally, I spent several summers with Ashley. My babysitter Jill was best friends with her older sister Tiffany so we were around each other quite a lot.

Of course with growing up and starting high school, we weren’t as close as we once were. Abby and I still spent all holidays together and were even working together at Chicken Annie’s on the weekend to support our teenage lifestyles. I remember when she got her car and she took me for a ride. I remember when I finally got mine and taking her for a ride. We were growing up so fast. I can still hear her laugh.

Abby & Me before braces...eeks!
I didn’t know it at the time, but April 13, 2000 marked the first of many deaths I would be faced with over the next several years of my life. At 16 years old, no one should have to lose a friend; let alone 3 in one day. At 16 years old, no one should have to attend three funerals within two days, one of which being a family member. It’s so hard to understand why and each passing year doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s hard not to think about where each of them would have been today. It’s hard to not wonder why God chose them. One other girl was also in the car that day and thankfully survived. I often wonder if she remembers what they were talking about minutes before the accident happened. Who were they gossiping about? What song was on the radio? Were they singing along?

It doesn’t make it any easier to think about those things. All I can hope is that once the accident happened they each went fast and in peace. I can only hope that they rose to heaven, hand in hand, in no pain.

I still dream about Abby. She still looks the same as she did when she was 16. Giggly. Bubbly. Just as I remember her. I often have dreams that it was all a big mistake. That she just disappeared for a brief period of time. Then she comes back and life is just as it was. Finally, I wake up and realize it was all a dream even though for a brief moment it felt so real.

It may be eleven years later, but time doesn’t always heal all the pain.  Today we remember Abby Brunetti, the bubbly track star, Salem Haden the basketball star and Ashley Harry, the beautiful red-headed cheerleader.  Today as we remember, I ask that you share your favorite memories of the girls in the comments section below.  They all brought joy to our lives in their own unique way and those memories we will treasure and remember forever.

I love you girls.

-Stay Sassy, xo


Hey Fatty, Take the STAIRS!

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss I take the elevator one floor:

We all know, in general, Americans are FAT...and I clearly do not mean PHAT.  It's quite disgusting and disturbing to me, not only as a healthcare professional, but also because I have my own issues with food.  Nothing disturbs me more than seeing an overweight person sitting at a stop light shoving a Big Mac down their throat.  I literally almost vomit at the site.  Just sayin'.

In 2009, numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics revealed that more than 34 percent of Americans are OBESE while 32.7 percent are considered overweight.  I'm going to go ahead and assume you know the difference between overweight, obese and morbidly obese and where those classifications come from - if not, google it.  Anyway - to me it is sad and disturbing more people in American are OBESE than OVERWEIGHT...not to mention 34 + 32.7 = 66.7 ---> 2/3 of our population is FAT.  Goo.

Enough with the statistics lesson.  I think you get the jist of my public health message (after all I do have a MPH).  THIS IS NOT OKAY!  Not many things piss me off too terribly much.  I might get annoyed slightly by various things, but boy do I get heated when I step on an elevator to go up five or more floors and the next person gets on to go up one floor.  It boils my blood so much I can hardly discuss it!  I mean seriously...SRSLY???  Walk your ass up 10 or maybe 20 steps and get that heart rate up.  I don't give a pooey if it takes you ten minutes the first time you attempt it...the more you take the stairs, the easier it will get.  And you just might see some results in your mid-section, too.  Plus, the added benefit - you won't piss the rest of us off and the minute you get off the elevator we won't feel the need to talk about how annoying you are.

Also, don't use that dumb excuse "but it hurts my knees."  You know why your knees hurt?  Not because of the flippin' steps, because of the extra 50-100 pounds your body frame is carrying.  So quit your bitching, take the stairs and pop a NSAID or two until you lose a few pounds and relieve some of the stress off your knees. 

Thank you.

-Stay Sassy, xo


Time Well Wasted

Sometimes, there are things in life that are harder to deal with than others.  There's death, which I might as well be an expert at dealing with by now (considering I've lost a dozen friends my age and all of my grandparents), and then there's life.  This blog isn't my normal sassy, who can I piss off or who have I already pissed off type of blog...it's me being me and needing to breathe.  You might be reading this saying, "why does she have to share it with everyone - why can't she just journal and keep it to herself?"  I'll tell you why, because if I can share my feelings and touch one person's life who is going through a rough time, then my goal is achieved.  I'm a nuturer by nature.

"The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.” 

I used to think breaking up with people was as hard as being broken up with.  Well, that was before I had actually been broken up with...for good.  In my past relationships, i.e. those ones I cared the most about, when it came to the final straw, I was the one pulling the plug.  It went the same way each and every time.  I get broken up with, we get back together, then I make the final decision - it's done.  One of the hardest things ever for me to do was to tell someone who I loved dearly and cared so much about that there was someone else.  I'll never forget that day and my heart still aches for causing him so much pain.

Even harder was the day I was told by that someone else "we're never getting back together."  Stab in the heart.  Gasping for air.  I don't get to talk about my feelings that often because I'm always being the "strong one" giving all the "screw that guy" advice.  But in reality, I struggle taking my own advice.  Luckily, I still have one of the most amazing friends in the world who listens to me each and every time, even though she's probably biting her tongue in misery that I'm bringing him up again.  I know I'm not the only one going through heartaches and I know there are people in the world who are suffering much more than me.  I know I'm not innocent or perfect, but I'm human and I have feelings.  So if you're feeling what I'm feeling, I'd like to share some comforting words with you that she shared with me,
Eventually it will get better and one day you will forget when his birthday is and when your anniversaries were and things will stop reminding you of him.  The end of a relationship is like a death in the family.  It can be super painful and unfortunately you can't just wake up one morning and be okay.  It takes time.
The funny thing about life is how strange it works.  Today alone on two different occasions I've been told how lucky the man in my life must be.  After I tell them there isn't one they look at me like I'm lying through my teeth.  One man offered to set me up with his son.  The other asked me if he could take me out.  Each time I smile and politely say thank you, but no thanks - I'm done with dating right now and focusing on school and myself.  It's flattering and upsetting at the same time.  Granted, this is in Danville and there isn't that great of a selection.  But there's always that feeling of why do these strangers see me in that type of light, yet the one I want to see me like that doesn't?  I'm starting to realize how true the words are, "If you love somebody, let them go.  If they return, they were always yours.  If they don't, they never were."

-Stay Sassy, xo


Classy with a side of TRASHY

I spent this past weekend in Chicago with some great friends...and as promised, here's your blog Meggie.  What a weekend it was - Classy with a side of TRASHY.  Most things shouldn't even be discussed here and I'm embarrassed about 75% of my weekend.  If you were effected by my immaturity, please forgive me.  Sunday morning I woke up and had deleted all the evidence - a habit I've discussed before in an earlier blog.  Only faint memories remain of my sassy fingers and bitchy mouth.  I've been literally sick to my stomach all week with embarrassment and regret.

After finding a great Groupon find, enjoying my first Cubs game via Wrigley Field Rooftops (which I totally recommend), unlimited beers and food, Lynds, Meggie and I spent the entire day enjoying ourselves.  Just the thought of how many "Check Ins" we took/made...vomit.  That's all I'll say.  After a VERY long night/morning, Lynds and I luckily woke up Sunday morning still friends.  But on the other hand, I woke up with at least 20 less Facebook friends and was even blocked by another - totally NOT classy, I know.  So to those of you I defriened and now am regretting...oppsies...but how can you re-friend someone after a drunken stupor?  And to the other one...blocking me...really?

So what did I learn from this weekend?  I'm an emotional mess when I drink and I should have my phone taken away from me - especially when I toss in a few Patron shots.  Oh, and I'm not 21 anymore.  Thankfully, our livers are not like our brains.  Your brain cells never regenerate - once they're gone, they're gone - if our liver cells did the same...I'd be liver dead by now.  All in all it was a great weekend with some great college girlfriends - and I had PGV to prove it. 

-Stay Sassy, xo
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