What's in a Signature?

So today's "blog" isn't really much of a blog - sorry folks, I know you were sitting on the edge of your seats anticipating what screwy thoughts were running through my head since yesterday - too bad.  You'll have to wait another day.  Don't worry, I already have a few topics for my next several blogs including but not limited to what my dog would say if she could talk for a day and how to make an ex think you're a nut job.  Hopefully you'll be entertained.  If not, whatevs.  Sorry boutcha.

With this new blogger I've become, I feel that it is only necessary that I create the most perfect signature for my posts - and it's up to you guys (the 5 readers I have as of now) to help me create one!  I've received a few ideas from friends from school but I want to see what everyone else thinks as well.  Of course I want it to be something unique, catchy, and clever.  Something even that describes me to a "Tee"...but also fits in with the theme of my blog.  I am sassy (especially after a few Jack Daniels) and I'd like to think on most occasions I keep it classy...and finally I am fabulous...no matter what that one girl said about me or that ex who clearly sucks said...so start racking your brains...and vote above or leave me other ideas in the comments section.

Coco Chanel said it best,
But, I say, "A girl should be three things...Classy with a side of Sassy & Fabulous"

Until then....um, signing off?


  1. So far I've also been suggested:

    "Keep it Sassy"
    "Goodbye and have a sassy tomorrow"
    "kiss my sass"

  2. I like the "stay sassy" one above. but you def need an image with it. this is something I obviously haven't figured out :) Good luck and happy blogging!! lol

  3. So I was fb stalking you (via Annie Truong) and I have to say that I really think ima like your blog so I decided to follow you :) As for your signature... I thought the "stay classy...xo" was pretty cute! Love your fab pup in all her darling outfits! yay for cuteness!

  4. Emily, Thank you SO much for following me! Pass me on!!! :)


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