Tis the season...to smoosh?

Here we are again.  We find ourselves at the end of another year in the midst of the winter months with temperatures starting to drop.  Apparently this also means couples find themselves spending more nights staying in making whoopee.  According to an article I stumbled across, Holiday sex: Christmas season is peak for mating reports condom sales reach their highest peak right before New Year's Eve.  I find this interesting and ironic because in addition to the sales peak seen around the holidays, there is also a peak in U.S. births in September.  You do the math...9 months gestation means lots of bitty babes are popping out after the cold winter months of knocking boots.  Way to go for attempting to use protection, but along with the mixture of alcohol, holiday parties and cold weather seen around the holidays, there still seems to be some "oppsies" occurring.  As I waited at Walgreen's to fill my prescriptions tonight, I couldn't help but notice and chuckle at the fact almost the entire selection of condoms were on sale for 50% off.  I suggest all you love birds out there head to Walgreen's right this second and stock up before they're sold out so you don't have an "oopsie" in September.  Even at full price, condoms are WAY cheaper than raising a baby for 18 years. 

As for me, that's all you get for a few days.  It's finally my LAST week of school and then I have an entire month off to entertain you with my wacky thoughts.  Don't worry...I have some silly blogs coming up I hope will make you giggle!!  Finally, in light of everything that has been posted over the last week, thank you all for you continued love and support! 

-Stay Sassy, xo    


  1. So true i never thought about it but your right there is alot of love making in the winter time

  2. Nothing better on a cold winter night, lol!!!!


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