Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Considering I have two midterms on Thursday and I've hardly studied for either, I have to make this short and sweet.  I've decided to share a few things that I'm totally in to right now.  I cannot take full credit.  I got the idea from my fellow friend and blogger Heather (Check out Heather's blog here) and decided to do a spin on it.  Today, the Things I'm Loving Right Now... are going to be geared more towards my female followers, although guys I encourage you to give me your opinion too because I always am interested in what guys think of the latest fashions.

This weekend I spent my Saturday hanging out with a couple of my girlfriends from my PA class.  Renice and I headed out to West County Mall and I'd like to share with you what I found.  Normally I cannot stand it when someone goes out and buys the exact same thing I do...but these things are too good to resist!  The final thing is something I'm hoping to find under the tree...

I have plenty more Things I'm Loving Right Now, but I have to save them for a day when I have more time to write.  You can enlarge the images by clicking on them to get a better look.

I am absolutely in love with this jacket.  I decided to get it because I felt like I didn't have a casual jacket.  My jackets went from fleece to pea coat with no in between.  That's why I love this jacket.  It's warm, cute and can be worn with jeans or dress clothes.  Plus, how can you beat $33.90?!  According to the Nordstrom website (click on link above on the jacket title to go to page), it's available in more colors than I realized if you want to order it.  In the store these colors were available: navy, black, grey, green, blue, red and off-white.  I have to give credit where credit is due and I must admit that Renice had the jacket first....and I'm thankful she was okay with me also buying it...because as I mentioned...I'm in love.  Also, can't forget to mention that it has a removable hood depending on your mood.  I suggest you get to your nearest Nordstrom Department Store (B.P. Department) and make the $33.90 purchase before they're gone!!

2. Carole Rose Earrings
Also available at Nordstrom's - I'm in love with this precious and feminine rose earrings.  I bought them Saturday and wore them toady.  In the store they came in gold and silver.  I went with silver.  If you have sensitive ears, these are probably not for you, considering they cost a whopping $6.00.  Yes that's right...SIX DOLLARS...So if you lose one after a few Jack Daniels cocktails on the weekend, you don't have to feel bad...they were only $6.00!!  You can find these in the B.P. department at Nordie's as well or click on the title to take you to the online store.  I'm loving it! 

3. Slouched Cowgirl Boots

The final thing I am in love with right now are boots.  I love boots.  Ankle boots, mid calf boots, knee boots, thigh boots, riding boots...you name it.  Being able to wear boots this fall has made me happy.  I'm hoping to find a pair of slouched cowgirl boots that look like the pair here that do not cost $350 like an authentic pair (I could care less about authenticity).  Because I live in the Midwest, you can never go wrong with a good pair of cowboy boots.  Plus, considering I'm thinking about moving to Dallas, it's only appropriate.  I've only worn them a couple times this year - thanks to Renice letting me borrow hers - and I've loved wearing them.  There's just something about wearing skinnies that hug your bum in all the right places with boots over them.  I think it's sassy and perfect.  Dear Santa, please find these boots in my size and deliver them to me on Christmas day.  I've been a very good girl.
***UPDATE*** Boots...CHECK!  I found them online from a company called MyHotShoes based out of California.  The best part about it...only $24.99 plus S&H!  Guess this will have to be my Christmas gift to myself.  Don't worry Santa, I have plenty other things to ask you for...Love the boots??  CLICK HERE
LOVING my Carole Rose Earrings

And finally, if this post doesn't interest you - sorrrrrry.  I have some funny topics coming up including some major addictions of mine.  Unfortunately, I probably won't get to share those with you until after Thursday of this week.

-Stay Sassy, xo

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