"Only PWT [Poor White Trash] talks like trash and acts like trash and thus is trash." - L.F.T

Disclaimer:  Before reading this post, please acknowledge the blog and comments made in regards to my blog contain explicit language and content and is not a relfection of me and/or my blog. -xo

When I first started this blog a few weeks ago I knew without a doubt there would probably eventually be topics that I would discuss that would be controversial.  Part of being a "blogger" is being able to handle it when someone doesn't agree with your views, beliefs and/or opinions.  BUT...I did not expect to be called what I personally consider the most horrible name you can call a female.  C U Next Tuesday.  After my last post, True Life: I'm obsessed with undies I received one of the most degrading comments possible. Not only was this comment disgusting, but the person (which by the way I have A VERY GOOD idea who it is considering my list of enemies is quite short) did so behind an Anonymous post.  I clearly have already deleted the post, but for all intensive purposes it read, 
"What a slut for real showing your panties to the world just shows your [sic] a desperate cunt."
This brings me to todays topic.  Girls are bitches.  We know this.  Girls can be mean, vindictive, deceitful and just plain horrible - clearly demonstrated by the above comment.  But there is a difference between a classy bitch and a pathetically disgusting mean girl.  I am not perfect.  I know I can be a bitch, but I have never, nor would I ever call someone such horrible names.  Secondly, if I have something to say, you'll know it.  I'm not the type of pathetic person to hide behind an anonymous post.  This person who is continually harassing me via an anonymous name is what I like to call a PWT, pathetically disgusting mean girl.  If you think you're such a bad ass and have reasons to make horrific accusations towards me, you should grow some balls and say them to my face.  Behind an anonymous posting only proves how pathetic and trashy you are.  Speaking of...I just received another highly inappropriate and unacceptable comment as I was writing this blog...  
"What couldnt [sic] handle being called a slut you know you are you fucking cunt your [sic] a fucking worthless bitch" 
I don't care who you are, (you clearly didn't pass second grade English considering your typos are pathetic) you have no right to call a person such horrible names...period.  Nonetheless, anonymously.  If you don't have the guts to say it to my face or post your true name, then keep your thoughts to yourself.  If you don't like me or my blog...DON'T VISIT IT.  Simple as that.  You can continue to post comments and attack my personal character...that's fine...but they will be deleted immediately.  I don't have time in my life for trashy, immature people...thus the reason I probably eliminated you from my life as it is. 

I love it when people comment, but please leave your comments PG.  I believe in freedom of speech - clearly - but internet bullying is not okay and I will not allow someone to continually attack me personally.  Finally, a big thank you to those who have continually supported me, my posts and encouraged me to continue doing what I'm doing.  As always, my goal is to make you smile, laugh...and in some instances, reflect on your life and cry happy or sad tears.  I've personally received overwhelming positive responses and I will not let the immaturity of one person bring me down.  

-Stay Sassy, xo



  1. Yoo plouvy - good post. That is pretty immature... if you don't like it, don't read it! That is someone seeking attention if you ask me!
    Happy Turkey Day, GOBBLE GOBBLE! =)

  2. Eh, depressing some people result to anonymous stupidity. I think I've know you long enough to say that you wont let any PWT person get you down. Keep your head up Mel and know we all love and miss you back in Pitt!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog. I don't understand how some people can be so disrespectful and mean. What does she think she's accomplishing by posting comments like that? It shows how ignorant and narrow minded some people can be. Don't let it bother you and keep your chin up.

  4. I don't understand why people have to be so disrespectful and horrible. I suppose they don't understand how terrible it makes them look to be mean to other people. Bullying, in any form, is not okay. We should love others as Christ loved us first... unconditionally.

  5. Go fuck yourself melissa you think you are so much better then everyone that is really that sad part when your not

  6. Now comment on my bad typos... ha ha

  7. You're only proving again how pathetic you are hiding behind a computer.

    FYI: "Your" shows possession. "You're" is a contraction meaning "you are."

  8. Based on upbringing and education, Melissa *is* better than the majority of people. Nothing wrong with that!

  9. Wow...I was reading your blogs because they are awesome and make me laugh. Can't believe people act like that but all you can say is "some peoples kids." Good Luck girly with future post!

  10. Hey anonymous, I think you may be a little outnumbered here killer! I know it may be difficult for you to completely comprehend, but we are friends with Melissa. You should try it, it may help with the obvious low self-esteem and bad character! I dont blame you completely, I also blame your parents for your blemished values and attributes. Maybe the way they raised you, bad genetics, a combination of both?? You tell me, beacause I'm sure you will respond with some stupid comment!

  11. Obviously this dumb WHITE TRASH anonymous girl cannot get it through her head how pathetic she is. Not only is it obvious that she is uneducated and a loser, but the fact that she is reading your blog with outright animosity is simply pathetic. PWT anonymous - please realize that you attacking Melissa gets you no where except solidifying what pure dumb trash you are. How are you so freaking dumb to keep on commenting? You clearly have no brains and no concept of humanity. Continue to be the PWT you are and die a lonely loser pathetic sole. PS those fat rolls hanging over the side of your jeans along with the too small t-shirts you wear is flat out disgusting and is leading to eye problems in many, please fix your disgusting behavior and appearance immediately.

  12. Oh my. I was out of blogging commission while I was on my lil vacay. Came back and was catching up. Wow. Really. I love you. I love reading your blog (notice I did pass 2nd grade English). It seems like it'd be common knowledge that if I did not like you or your blog, I wouldn't read it. It's that simple. And maybe just a 'tad' immature? Can't believe I am 27 and witnessing this. What a sad, sad soul. I like what Chad said. So props to you sir and keep on blogging Mel P :0)


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