Est. 11.8.2010

Here it is...history in the making.  Today I make my debut as a "blogger."  As I sit here boggled by blogging, editing, designing, and developing my page I am multi-tasking and chatting with one of my oldest friends, Tara.  She asks me the obvious - what is my blog going to be about...?  Hmmm....well, my life I suppose.

Interesting?  Well I guess we'll find out. So as of today, my purpose is well...pretty much undefined.  I feel like if this were an 11th grade English class I would totally FAIL for not having a well defined thesis.  News for you my dear friends, this is not 11th grade English and there are no rules.  I hope that I can provide entertainment for some, insight for others, and a smile to at least one person each day.  If I can do that...then I PASS!

So until I get this design process in order (thanks to the help of my dear friend and soon-to-be-mama, Heather (Chalfant) Buttenob), I'll leave you with something small...a few pics of my precious Miss Marie (aka Marley Marie, Bobbies Marie, Missy J, Boobies, Possy, Pretty, Boobie Butt, and many others).  If you know me, you know my daughter/dog is the center of my universe.  Some may think it's pathetic.  I, on the other hand, think it's absolutely fabulous.  No one in the world is more excited to see me everyday when I get home - whether I've been gone for 5 min or 5 hours.  Each time she greets me with kisses, kisses, and more kisses.  I get so excited over being a mommy to my precious Pomeranian...just think how fabulous of a mother I'm going to make some day.  Hopefully that some day is before my eggs shrivel up and the only ones left have serious defects.  I'm really in no hurry...I swear!!!



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