Can you believe it?!  I'm making it BLOG official!!!  I am getting MARRIED!!!  

GET REAL!  I am so far from getting engaged it's not even funny.  But my future engagement ring is so pretty isn't it?  As we all know, with the holidays comes Facebook announcements of couples all over the world getting engaged.  I swear every day I log on, someone else is engaged and I am again reminded I am not.  In years past it annoyed me.  But this year it's different.  This year instead of me telling everyone congrats and smiling but inside feeling jealousy towards the huge rock the latest person just received, I am personally content with my life and where I am.  YES I am almost 27 years old and YES I am 100% single and NO I have no desire to be with anyone right now except for my battery operated friend, Hiroshima.  The only person I'm in a monogamous relationship with is myself!  But the glory of it all, I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!  I have finally fallen in love with myself and couldn't be happier.  Singleness has brought me a completely new perspective on life and I have finally learned to love it.  I have gained so much independence and insight over the past 8 months it's unbelievable.  Someone who shall remain nameless attempted to belittle me by telling me because I go home alone at night, "the joke is on me."  But the sad part of that statement is how pathetic it is to judge happiness based on whether or not you have someone to go home to.  Joke is actually on YOU because you rely on "man" to make you happy.  And you're a mean girl, so clearly you suck.

Doesn't it look good on me?
I never realized how important it was to love yourself before you can love someone else and I am finally there.  So, congrats to all of you who are recently engaged (especially my best friend from high school, Ashley).  I can finally say I am truly SO happy for YOU and all the other engagements to come (specifically for the celebrations to follow).  But I am MORE HAPPY FOR ME!  And just for future references, IF my future husband is reading this blog right now, here is the ring I expect when I finally find you.  And just so you know, it can be found at Tivol in Kansas City for the small fee of $60,000.  Also, I'd like an engagement party immediately following (a surprise of course) with all of my best friends to celebrate...

-Stay Sassy, xo

P.S. A special shout out to whoever it was who called me and left me a voicemail singing a romantic country song.  It was very sweet and I wish I could thank you.  But considering you blocked your number, I cannot do that.  So, thank you.


  1. Thanks Melis! And your so right it takes loving yourself before you can love anyone and they can love you the way you deserve! So happy for you that you are finding your way. Single life is great so live it up!
    Love you!

  2. Don't let people bring you down. You can't control other people's actions, but you can control how they affect you :)


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