Dear Ex-Boyfriend

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

This is a friendly reminder that we have been broken up for several years now, yet you still continue to act like a child every time I see you.  I'm really confused by it.  It's clear that you are not a fan of me considering you blocked me on facebook and gchat years ago...which forces me to ask mutual friends how you are doing.  I just don't get why we must continue to pretend as if we do not know one another after being inseparable for several years.  I'm just wondering - is this because after a year of dicking me around you finally realized what you had and it was a little too late?  Did I upset you because I decided I was done dealing with your bullshit?  If so, that's your own fault.  But for the record, I do not think it is necessary for you to exit a bar when I approach a group of our mutual friends or blatantly ignore me when we are at the same social event.  That's just pathetic and immature.  People date for a reason and usually a part of that is because they care about one another and enjoy each other's company.  Even though things didn't work out between us (clearly for the best), I still care about you and wish you all the happiness in the world.  With that being said, the next time we run in to one another, I'm hoping your balls have dropped and you are able to maturely say hello.  I hope things work out with the horse.

I wish you nothing but the best,
Your Ex-Girlfriend

-Stay Sassy, xo


  1. So true. why is it that an ex doesn't realize walking right past us or ignoring us when we are in the same room with 20 people is probably going to push our buttons and set us off a lot more than just a simple hello...good to see you....they never learn. :)

  2. Guys just don't get it. It's like they think that we will fall head over heals with them again if they say one word to us. Ha, too bad that's not true. Oh well....


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