On a slightly more serious note...

One in six women will be victims of rape or attempted rape.  
One in eight will have breast cancer.  

"I’m more likely to be raped than I am to get breast cancer." -Andrea Grimes 

While I'm pondering my next sarcastic and less serious blog, take a second and read this article I stumbled across written by Andrea Grimes - Who Will Rape Me?  I was blown away by the article and the truth to it.  I never wanted my blog to get this serious or personal, but from my own experiences I couldn't pass it up.  Too many times women are accused of "wanting attention" or "being dramatic" after something serious like rape OR sexual assault occurs (depending on your personal definition of each).  When it happens, not only does the victim have to deal with the emotions and feelings of being assaulted, whether or not to tell, who to tell, feeling dirty, was it my fault, etc., but then when she does decide to tell someone she is faced with the scrutiny that she is being dramatic and making it up.  It's bullshit. I know girls can be crazy bitches, but who in their right mind would ever accuse someone of something so serious like assault or rape if there wasn't some truth behind it?  I know I never would.

-Stay Sassy, xo

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