Classy with a side of TRASHY

I spent this past weekend in Chicago with some great friends...and as promised, here's your blog Meggie.  What a weekend it was - Classy with a side of TRASHY.  Most things shouldn't even be discussed here and I'm embarrassed about 75% of my weekend.  If you were effected by my immaturity, please forgive me.  Sunday morning I woke up and had deleted all the evidence - a habit I've discussed before in an earlier blog.  Only faint memories remain of my sassy fingers and bitchy mouth.  I've been literally sick to my stomach all week with embarrassment and regret.

After finding a great Groupon find, enjoying my first Cubs game via Wrigley Field Rooftops (which I totally recommend), unlimited beers and food, Lynds, Meggie and I spent the entire day enjoying ourselves.  Just the thought of how many "Check Ins" we took/made...vomit.  That's all I'll say.  After a VERY long night/morning, Lynds and I luckily woke up Sunday morning still friends.  But on the other hand, I woke up with at least 20 less Facebook friends and was even blocked by another - totally NOT classy, I know.  So to those of you I defriened and now am regretting...oppsies...but how can you re-friend someone after a drunken stupor?  And to the other one...blocking me...really?

So what did I learn from this weekend?  I'm an emotional mess when I drink and I should have my phone taken away from me - especially when I toss in a few Patron shots.  Oh, and I'm not 21 anymore.  Thankfully, our livers are not like our brains.  Your brain cells never regenerate - once they're gone, they're gone - if our liver cells did the same...I'd be liver dead by now.  All in all it was a great weekend with some great college girlfriends - and I had PGV to prove it. 

-Stay Sassy, xo

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