Finally!  Obama's birth certificate has been released.  Can we all just shut the f*ck up now?! Dear Jesus, this was the most unnecessary drawn out fiasco EVERRRRR!  I don't claim to be a political buff.  And to be quite honest, the only time I've ever voted was for the last presidency (go ahead, scold me).  But seriously?  This was just dumb.  Do people really believe our country would let someone be president who wasn't American??  SRSLY?  Then again, if George Bush can be president...errrr

Courtesy of this UK website

I can't wait to see how many websites and other sources debate the authenticity.  Mr. Trump, please stick to comb overs, hotels, The Apprentice and your Slovenian wife, Melania.   Which by the way reminds me of melena, a medical term - read the definition here if you're curious as to what it means (you know you want to).  Mr. Trump's claims are about as cool as melena and the colonoscopy that follows.

-Stay Sassy, xo

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  1. Amen Sista...love it!!! Looking forward to seeing you and Kim in the ATX!!


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