True Life: I'm Obsessed with Colin Egglesfield

Holy hell in a hand basket. Ladies, if you haven't gone out to see Something Borrowed, I suggest you do so...like NOW. Quit reading this and go. Okay, finish reading first. But seriously. I went and saw the movie last night and within the first minute of the movie I was already having very, very naughty thoughts about Dex (played by Colin Egglesfield). Seriously, where the FUDGE has this man been and why hasn't he been on my radar until now...SRSLY? Talk about mind blowing, little girl tingling GORGEOUS.

I don't want to ruin the story for those of you who haven't seen it, but let's just say if I was Rachel, Darcy never would have stood a chance with Dex.  I would have boom and done, attacked and made him mine in the stacks of the law school library the day he sat next to me in class. No questions asked. 

I attempted a little google search to find out the percentage of women who fantasize about other men while doing that one thing and I couldn't find anything.  There were tons of hits regarding men fantasizing about other women (oh weird), but none the other way around.  Whatever.  If you need some new eye candy, I suggest Colin Egglesfield.  He's sure to get you going in 2.5 seconds.  Just look in to those eyes....aghhhh...

Annnnd, on that note...I have business to take care of.  Roberto is waiting on me.  Check out the video below with the feature song from the movie entitled "Little Too Much" by Natasha Bedingfield.  AND GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!

-Stay Sassy, xo

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  1. holy true life as well...I'm obsessed with him too!


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