Happy Mother's Day!

A dog is not merely a pet, a dog is family.

Well since it is Mother's Day, I guess it's only appropriate I make a special post to all you mothers out there.  No, I have no idea what it's like to have an infant stuck to my tit every 2-3 hours.  No, I don't know what it's like to carry a child for 36-40 weeks, feel like you have to pee every two seconds, have raw nipples or have hemorrhoids.  And no, I don't know what it's like to squeeze a watermelon out of a hole with a diameter of a large grape or small orange (depending on your "experience").  But I have witnessed first hand the most amazing miracle of life.  The first time I saw a baby born, I was literally in the back of the room crying tears of joy and "bearing down" so hard with every contraction like my efforts could help the soon to be mommy giving birth.

My little one and me the day I adopted her
July 2006

Little one....so tiny then!
I get it that there's nothing like a mother's love and blah blah blah I'll never know until I have a child of my own.  But let me tell you, I never in my life thought I could love another creature as much as I love my little one, Miss Marley Marie.  She is the sugar to my strawberries and the caramel to my Twix.  I may not have birthed her, but she is like my child.  I take her out every few hours, make sure she poops and pees, make sure she has food and water and baths every few weeks.  We go for walks, we play fetch, we snuggle and we take pictures.  She's the most amazing little fur ball I've ever encountered. Yes, I'm slightly biased.  

Miss Marie LOVES her Jayhawk Dress!
The day I went to get Marley was interesting.  I'd been looking in to getting another dog and had been checking the papers weekly.  I was constantly going back and forth between a puggle and some other breed with a poo in it...I can't remember if it was a Shia-poo or a Malti-poo...whatever, you get the idea.  So I see this ad in the Topeka Journal and within minutes I was on the phone with the potential breeder.  Within an hour I had persuaded my then boyfriend to come with me to pick out "our" little one.  I convinced him the kennel was only an hour or so away.  Yep, that turned in to like two hours away somewhere north of Topeka in some small, po-dunk town.  He was so pissed at me because I was soooo excited and I wouldn't stop to get gas.  The gas gauge was pushing beyond E.  

Boots wit da fur!
Once we arrived, the woman who owned the kennel went back in to her barn (she wouldn't let us go - I realize now, probably was a red flag in the dog buying world) and came back literally with a laundry basket of puppies.  Shia-poos, Malti-poos, Long Haired Chihuahuas and two Pomeranians.  I remembered from picking out my first puppy the best way to pick out a little one is to see which one will come to you.  She let all the dogs out and as I looked over the Poo breeds I decided they all had way too much Poo in them and were way too nappy and curly (sorry, not a Poodle fan).  Then my attention turned to this tiny, sable colored Pomeranian running and jumping around attacking all the other dogs trying to play.  Right then, I knew she was mine.  I handed over my $100 for my pup with the bum knee (she had a 3rd grade patella which more or less doesn't make her "perfect" according to the AKA or breedable...like I care) and we were on our way to becoming mommy and puppy.

So vain!
Life has never been the same since.  There's nothing better in my life than coming home to someone soooo excited to see you, even if it's partly due to the fact that she's about to piss herself and wants to go outside.  She gives kisses and licks my tears away when I'm sad.  She cuddles when we sleep and is the most lovable little girl EVER!  Not much compares to the bond and companionship between a dog and his/her master.  

Sleeeeepy beeeebeeees
Anyway, I realize Mother's Day means a lot more...or maybe just something different to those of you reading with new babies, toddlers, teens or grown children.  For that, Happy Mother's Day to you.  I can't even imagine those feelings, but I know one day I will and I know I'm going to be an AWESOME mother.  Not only because I've already been practicing for five years on my little one, but because I was raised by one of the most amazing, compassionate, hard working women I've EVER met.  My mom would do anything in the world for me...and I literally mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  She has set the best example for me and I can only hope to be half the mom she has been to me. 

Mama Plouv with her new little princess
Now her little princess is all grown up!
DQM Get Busy Livin' 5K
May 7, 2011
Even after years of tears, "I hate you", "You're the meanest mom in the world" and "I'll never be like you," here I am, striving to be just like you. 
 I love you, mom.

-Stay Sassy, xo

P.S. I suggest you all read one of my fellow friend's blogs today that he wrote about his mother.  It's very touching and I had tears in my eyes.  He's absolutely HILARIOUS, so check out his other writings too.  And, I inspired the name of his blog.  Check out Awkward with a Side of Ranch.

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