10,000 Thanks

Thank You for double clicking your mouse!
(on my blog link...duh)

It's been three months almost to the day since I started this whole blog thing.  As of today I reached 10,000 hits therefore this post is a THANK YOU!  I remember when I couldn't wait for the ticker to reach 1,000!  So thank you to each of you who officially "follow" my blog and those of you who read my blog.  As I said in the beginning, I didn't really know what my purpose was...and well I still really don't.  I just know that I love writing in my free time, I love being a jokester, I love making people laugh and I LOVE BEING SASSY!  Also, I especially love it when I receive comments and messages from YOU, the readers telling me how much you enjoy reading my blogs.  At the end of the day, knowing I made you smile or laugh totally brightens my day.  So a BIGGER thanks to those of you who have personally messaged me and personally approached me in public.  You're the best!  

10,000 Clicks from all over the World!
It's been a bit bumpy along the way and I cannot thank those of you enough who stood up for me and left encouraging comments when others were not being so encouraging and down right mean.  Please keep the comments and/or suggestions coming!!!

I cannot promise any time frame on how long I'll continue to blog, but for right now it works.  So I hope you all continue to read my blog and leave your comments either here or on Facebook. That's all for now...here's to another 10,000 clicks!

-Stay Sassy, xo

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