Super Bowl Commercial Bust

Was anyone as disappointed in the Super Bowl commercials as I was??  Commercials allegedly cost $3 Million for 30 seconds.  What happened to the "good ol days" of hilarious commercials done by Budweiser?  Sorry, but Kim Kardashian (although I love her) was a let down.  Don't get me wrong, she looked hot, her tits looked great and every guy dreams of KK saying "You're ammaaazing" to them, but no matter how hot she is...Shape-Ups are still sick.  Even she doesn't make them look hot - not even in pink.  Plus, we ALL know that ass came waayyyyy before the invention of Shape-Ups.  Skechers, you don't convince me for a second that Shape-Ups will give my booty curves like hers.  It's humanly impossible.  And the dude at the end wearing Shape-Ups...GET REAL.  If I EVER see a guy at the gym or in public wearing shape-ups, you bet your ass I'm probably going to gawk and stare and then laugh.  You want a tight ass?  Do some squats.

Best Buy - your ad with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osborn was a waste of $3 Million.  What exactly were you even going for?  So technology moves fast?  And Justin Bieber is the latest teen heart throb?  Pretty sure Ozzy was never a teen heart throb.  Am I missing the connection?  Not even worthy of re-posting.

Doritos/Pepsi Max had 6 commercials.  That's $18 Million (I know, I'm super good at math).  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?...there's starving children somewhere.  Next time save the $18,000,000 you spent on commercials and donate a few bags of Doritos to some third world country.  But I must admit, the Doritos "The Best Part" commercial was one of my favs...even if it was slightly creepy.  MMM...CHEESE...I love Doritos!

My only other fav (aka the only one I can remember laughing at)...the e*trade commercial.  I just love the talking babies.  They crack me up every time.  This baby clearly has a perfect Enzo.

This picture doesn't even do him justice.  But I
couldn't find a better one and didn't really feel
like spending hours searching for a picture of
his rear end.
So I didn't really enjoy the commercials too much.  And the half time show by The Black Eyed Peas was about as entertaining as watching Marley take a poo in the middle of a snow storm.  It sucked.  At least I got to see a lot of Jordy Nelson in tight pants.  Way to represent the lovely state of Kansas.  You did me proud.  I'll be dreaming of you and that tight ass all night!


-Stay Sassy, xo

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