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I sometimes wonder what life would be like without texting.  Over the past few years I have become more and more resentful to talking on the phone.  It used to be I would really only talk to one person on the phone...my mom.  Talking to her daily was too much for me.  I found myself annoyed when the phone rang and instead of being grateful she cared so much, I was bothered that she was calling me yet again to ask me one question.  I was so relieved when she finally learned how to text.  Now she can send me a text every time she thinks of me and I can respond when I have time.  Instead of me feeling annoyed every time she calls, I feel less stress to communicate with her.  

I do realize sometimes people just want to communicate and actually talk to one another, but I am not one of those people.  I love catching up with my friends when I actually do sit down and make myself do it, but up until that point, I honestly dread it.  Shooting a quick text message is so much easier for me to do while I study or am occupied by other things.  I can quickly respond to someone's question or simple hello and get back to studying in between texts.  I simply find it easier.

What really blows my mind is how the heck people dated not only before text messaging, but before cell phones.  First off, let me preface this. I am by NO MEANS attacking any guys whom I have "dated" in the past.  But honestly, I cannot remember ever being asked out on a date by a guy over the phone or in person.  But I'm not necessarily complaining either.  Some people think that it is absolutely ridiculous and a guy should never ask a girl out via text message.  Honestly, I don't really mind it.  If I want to go, you'll know it.  And if I don't...well it makes it a whole helleva lot easier for me to turn you down by simply not responding, or fabricating some lie like I have to wash my hair.  

I spent this past NYE with one of my most favorite married couples in Kansas City. They are in their mid-30s and I couldn't get enough of their stories about dating in college.  If you wanted to hook up after bar close, you had to actually call the lucky mate's land line.  Who even has land lines anymore?  Even better in her story, when a guy would call, he had to specify which of her roommates he was looking for, because there were two with the same name!  I can't even imagine receiving a booty call via land line. Or being asked on a date via land line for that matter!   If you didn't physically exchange numbers on a piece of paper or something, you most likely wouldn't be following up the next week.  There was no Facebook to go home to and stalk to try to find him/her so you could friend one another.  That was it.  If you didn't exchange numbers, you blew your chance.  If you were lucky enough to make it home without losing the number, the drunk gods were looking over you.

A world without cell phones blows my mind but I won't be turning my back on texting, sexting or digi-dating anytime soon!  After all, nobody really wants to hurt anyone's feelings here.  And it's honestly a win-win situation.  I don't feel as bad telling you no, and you don't feel as pathetic being turned down face-to-face.  TXT YA L8R!

-Stay Sassy, xo

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