Living in a Facebook World

Holy shit.  What has Facebook done to our society?!  Apparently I missed this commercial during the Super Bowl or I most definitely would have been blogging about it sooner.  I saw this commercial last night while watching the Grammys.  My first few thoughts - did that seriously just happen?  Is this seriously the next big thing?  Am I really going to be choosing this amenity on my next car? Yes, yes, and yes.

The obvious response to this commercial - if you can't wait until you get home to check your Facebook, you have serious issues.  But honestly, I think this is pretty sweet.  Not only have I been guilty of texting while driving (bad dog) but I have also Facebooked while driving (bad, bad dog).  The other problem with this commercial...that chick must have SPRINTED to her computer after he dropped her off to write on his wall.  Or maybe she did it while he was driving.  I don't know, but she is making this way to easy for him.  At least make him wait and wonder how it was for a day or two.  Everyone knows boys love the chase and if you give them the goods too soon they're over you like last months Playboy.  By the way...doesn't she know the rules of dating?  In my rule book you will never pick me up on a first date.  No way in hell is some guy I barely know going to know where I live.  Too many creepies out there...I know this from personal experiences.  I will meet you there and I will go home alone.  And I probably won't talk to you again.  Duh.

Either way, my car reading me my latest Facebook posts is pretty legit in my book.  Facebook isn't going anywhere anytime soon so might as well get used to this ridiculousness.  Oh...and if my car can read my Facebook status, could you please also have my car read my text messages and reply as well? Please and thanks.  Or has that already been invented, too?

-Stay Sassy, xo

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