Greetings from the ROYAL DONUT

Image courtesy of the Royal Donut
Have you been wondering where I am (which I'm sure ALLLLL of you have)?  Well no worries - I'm alive and currently at one of three locations in the great establishment of Danville, IL that has wireless internet.  Yes.  You read correct.  One of ONLY THREE places with wireless internet.  So, with that being said, over the next 6 weeks, you may not hear much from me.  My establishment here is without internet so I must pack up my Mac and make the drive to one of two Royal Donut locations for a little internet time, a coffee and at least one calorie filled donut.  While I'm making no claim to beauty, I can guarantee the gentlemen here won't mind the 50 pounds I'm going to be putting on thanks to the Royal Donut.  Wireless is only available to customers meaning I MUST make a 78 cent purchase in order to use the net and write to you.  My donut clerk is a gem.  She has a lisp and moves about as fast as a snail.  Since I've been here, there have been approximately 5 customers (mostly via the drive through) and I'm pretty sure I'm at the  "busy" location.

I don't even know what to say.  If you're not 'Merican, 
you don't deserve to own a liquor store.
*Actual Danville, USA sighting.
I went back around the block to snap
this gem.

Over the next 6 weeks I hope to share some stories of living the "simpler" life here in Danville.  I'm guaranteed to stumble across a few interesting stories and sightings.  For starters, let me give you an idea of the life I'm living here.   Last night my housemates and I went out for a special dinner (to say goodbye to another PA Student from Western Michigan).  The location for that special dinner...Buffalo Wild Wings.  Yep.  B-dubs is considered a delicacy in Danville.  Your only other option for a nice dinner out...Garfield's.  I'm planning to post up at the bar tomorrow night at B-dubs in my KU gear to cheer on my Jayhawks from this sh*t hole town...alone.  I'm sure I'll meet some handsome chap, hopefully with all his teeth and no B.O.  This place is so run down and depressing that none of the students stick around on the weekend.  Well, no one except for me that is.  I'm going to tough it out in our giant house all alone.  Maybe make the 30 minutes "trip" to Champaign - one of the nurses at the VA told me they have a Chili's there...AND A JC PENNEY'S!!!  Booyah!  And that's a step up from this shanty.  Stay tuned.  I'll let you know how it goes.

So here's to six weeks in Danville and loving America.

-Stay Sassy, xo

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  1. Here I was thinking I was brave for moving to Japan. It looks shockingly like the town I grew up in.


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