Nothing Good is "Thick & Creamy"

One of my many food obessions lately has been yogurt. I've always liked it, but since my first rotation at SLU Hospital where they handed Yoplait Yogurt out to students, residents and interns like candy, I've been hooked again. My favorite flavor, in case you're wondering...Very Vanilla. How original...I know. I love dipping my banana in it or adding
Cheerios for a little crunch. 

Moving on. So last week I stopped at the local gettin' store aka Walmart on my way home from work to pick up a few necessities, one of which was yogurt. At 50 cents a pop, you can't go wrong. I picked up at least ten. I was bummed to find they were completely sold out of my most favorite flavor, Very Vanilla.
See, I'm not the only plain Jane yogurt lover out there. Apparently the entire town of Edwardsville also loves Very Vanilla. Frantically, in the heat of the moment, I decided I'd give another version a try. The "Thick & Creamy" French Vanilla version. After all, I am French...so it must be legit, right? 

Big mistake. 

Last night, I peeled back the shiny silver top to give it a whirl. Upon first examination, it looked normal. I put my spoon in to check the consistency and gave it a little stir. And right from there, it was over. I pulled out a spoonful and inspected it closely. I had a hard time getting past the clumpiness that was on my spoon, but being the brave soul that I am, I closed my eyes and shoved it in my mouth. And that's when I almost lost it, literally. I can't even describe to you how nasty and ooey gooey it tasted. I should have known. Nothing "thick & creamy" ever tastes good in your mouth.

I won't fall for that same mistake twice. And I suggest you don't either.

-Stay Sassy, xo


  1. You should try Chobani Greek Yogurt. It's delicious, and TWICE the protein, which is great. I love the strawberry and pomigranite flavors. I also buy the Bear Naked Fit granola (vanilla almond flavor, if you're curious) and sprinkle a little in for some added crunch. You should give it a try

  2. ha ha ha- I read the title of this blog out loud to Mike and was laughing before I even started reading. Hilarious. And I most certainly agree..that yogurt is SICK. And wrong. I loved the Kroger brand 'carb balance' in AZ...I cannot find it here and it's depressing. Like the greek yogurt, it has more protein and less sugar. I too am a vanilla girl :)

    Much love from Chi...no baby yet!


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