Mastering THE HULK

Today boys..uh-hem...I mean, men...we are going to discuss the art of mastering what my friend Jen and I like to call, "The Hulk."  It is a move all men should know about, learn and practice religiously.  
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Aren't sure what "The Hulk" is?  Don't fret.  You may have also heard names or phrases  including, but not limited to, the "holy shit that was rediculously hot" move, the "wrap the arm around her and flip her on her back so she feels like a feather" move or simply put, the "tossing a girl in bed" move.

Now, listen vurrrrrry closely.  Women like to feel beautiful, even in our most exposed moments...including in bed.  We like feeling skinny and nothing makes us feel tinier than when you're mid-nook and your guy wraps his arm around your waist, flips you over with the strength of body builder, but then lies you down ever so gently like a delecate flower.  The Hulk.  The move alone will get your girl all excited.  She'll feel sexy and light as a feather - the two best feelings in the world...next to...you know, what that move will probably lead to.  

So, keeping it short and sweet - learn it, know it, practice it and master it.  I suggest you hit the gym and work on those bicep muscles so when you actually try The Hulk, you don't fumble and fail miserably.  If you plop her down on the bed, most likely she's going to feel like a fat cow.  And that, my friends, is no bueno.  It may not ruin the moment completely, but it will definitely put a damper on her arousal.  Plus, we get tired too.  And no girl likes a DFF....just sayin'

-Stay Sassy, xo

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  1. Glad someone put this out there! ;) Love it, and you! xoxo


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