Trinkets of Boyfriends Past

As I got ready for another day today I scoured my jewelry box for a specific "M" necklace from Tiffanys I wanted to wear and I couldn't find it. I was certain I needed to wear some type of necklace with the shirt I'm wearing - a low cut v-neck with boobies hanging out....KIDDING. I'm rotating at a pediatrics office - you know what kids think of those things?? Haha...lunch (insert Look Who's Talking voice). Anyway, so as I fumbled through some necklaces and I came across an old trinket I was for sure I had lost until now. A beautiful necklace with three vertical diamonds I received from a boyfriend some time ago. And I got to thinking...to wear?  Or not to wear? 

First off, we aren't talking about rings here.  Just a necklace.  I've heard discussions on the what-to-dos with old jewelry when you break up with your man like pawn it, etc. But quite frankly, I think it's all crap. I say wear it. Love it. Enjoy it. He gave it to you for a reason. Because at one point he loved you and everything about you and wanted you to have it as a gift. I can almost guarantee one of the many gifts I gave him is in his back pocket - and I carry the bag he got me almost daily - so why should jewels be any different? -And just to put it out there, I'd probably still wear a ring, unless of course it was an engagement ring.

He may not love you anymore or even know if you still exist. But at one time, things were different. I think it's absolutely silly to let beautiful jewelry go to waste. We all know diamonds aren't cheap...neither is most jewelry, especially with my fine taste of Tiffany and my good 'ol friend David (Yurman). I've had this necklace on all day and except for the second I pulled it out and right now (because I'm consciously writing about it), I haven't thought of him once.

So if your excuse for not wearing something is because it brings back bad memories - get over it. Diamonds are a girls best friend.  Designer bags are a close second for me. I will proudly sport the necklace and several other pieces from Tiffanys he bought for me and love every minute of it. After all, at one point in history each item was bought out of love.  And that's just what this world needs...more lovin'

-Stay Sassy, xo

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  1. hell yeah wear it, but never pawn it, you never get what it's worth, instead barter with people for other stuff. So if it brings bad memories trade it for something that won't, it's urs either way!! Great blog like always!!



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