SPOTTED: DanVegas, Week Two

"Check us out on Facebook" but only after
you come in, buy a donut or a dozen, a cup
of joe and use our free wifi.

Life in Danville continues to be more interesting every day.  It has been an experience thus far, to say the least.  On Friday, as mentioned previously, I made my way to BWW for basketball and beers.  The night couldn't have ended any better for a Friday night in Danville.  Shortly after blogging and enjoying my fried pickles and Jayhawk win over Richmond, I offered my table to the group next to me who had sparked conversation with me based on my Jayhawk shirt.  A few beers later I had four new friends - Derek, Laura, Allen and Nancy - and of course Derek and Laura's two teenage sons.  I learned all about the town of Danville including where not to go, which happens to be only a few blocks from the VA.  Awesome.  They were the sweetest people and even picked up my tab.  Derek and Laura again invited me over Sunday for more basketball and welcomed me like I was one of their own (even though I was the only one rooting for the Jayhawks - tough loss in a room where everyone is rooting against you).  Big thanks to them for making me feel at home hundreds of miles from home!  

I've had my eye out for a few DanVegas sitings and here are a few I stumbled across today.  Enjoy!

Clearance??  At Family DOLLAR?  Dear hey-sus, how much cheaper can it get?

Something about a restaurant in Danville named "Wiener Works" 
makes me not want to have a "Wiener" near my mouth any time soon...
no matter what kind it is or what special toppings they offer.

There you have it America - day old Coconut Pie for $3.31....and yes, it includes
a free coffee with ENDLESS refills.  I bring my own Fat Free Coffee-mate and
Splenda to cut down on the true dairy cream they offer here.

JoAnn the "Donut Queen" slinging donuts - 
I just found out not only was she a "dancer"
back in her younger days (not a stripper)
she also wanted to be a nun and her family
was in the mafia...oh man.
Finally, props to the Queen of Donuts, Miss JoAnn (employee for 8 years and who apparently was going to be a nun) working the counter today at the Royal Donut.  She keeps everyone's coffee cups filled and moves as fast as that 65+ year old body will let her.  God Bless her.  She seems like my kind of woman - a little firecracker.  I've heard her drop a few curse words talking to the locals and she even chased a few hoosiers (as they call hooligans in this area) out who were causing a ruckus.  I kindly asked her what pie she suggested - Lemon Meringue or Coconut and she responded, "I don't like any of em."  Well then. I should have taken the hint and stuck to the donuts as the slice of pie was far from decadent.  I'll remember that next time.

Lovin' America, lovin' DanVegas, JoAnn and the Royal Donut.

-Stay Sassy, xo

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